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Hearing Assessments

More than a simple hearing test, we work closely with you to identify your symptoms and history of ear and hearing health. We carefully inspect the outer ear and eardrum for indications of pathology, before testing your middle ear function.



Hearing Aids

As an independent, no-commission clinic we offer a wide range of brands, technologies and prices. We provide unbiased advice on the selection of hearing aid to best fit your personal circumstances. We are also able to fit free to client hearing aids for eligible participants under the office of hearing services program.


Pre-Employment Screening

Advanced Hearing WA provides primary and comprehensive hearing and diagnostic audiometric testing. We also offer hearing rehabilitation services for prospective and current employees. Services also include: Education and advice on hearing risks associated with exposure to excessive noise, safe levels and duration of exposure to noise Education and advice on how you can prevent hearing…

Cochlear Implant Assessments

Our qualified audiologists are able to provide cochlear implant assessments.
A cochlear implant is an intricate & extremely small electronic device that can enable a profoundly deaf, or very hard of hearing person to gain a sensation of sound by directly stimulating the cochlear.  We are well-respected within the Audiological community for our cochlear implant program. 


Our audiologists work within a team of doctors and allied health professionals and perform detailed diagnostic testing to determine the most likely cause of your tinnitus before recommending the best evidence-based treatment option for you.


Paediatric Hearing Assessments

Hearing assessments for children are a specialist area and need to be performed by experienced Audiologist.  At Advanced Hearing WA will work with you and your child to identify any concerns, your child’s history of general health and development, as well as ear health and hearing healthcare to date. Ensuring that children have adequate hearing for…

Early Intervention

Early intervention with speech and hearing problems in children is important for speech and development.


Auditory Processing Disorder Assessments

Specialised assessments of listening skills in challenging situations (eg. in background noise and classroom situations)