Musicians Ear Plugs

If you are a musician, singer or concert goer you are at an elevated risk of noise-induced damage to your hearing over time.  Standard noise plugs may not be suitable as they over-attenuate the low and high frequencies, altering the sound quality.

Advanced Hearing WA produces custom musician earplug is designed to be comfortable and provide hearing protection without distorting the sound.   Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, these earplugs offer one of the most accurate responses available across all frequencies. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound – but quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies.


You can choose attenuation levels of:

10dB – ideal for vocalists, guitarists, woodwind instruments
15dB – ideal for guitarists, bass players
25dB – ideal for drummers, percussionist, concert goers