Let’s talk about hearing loss & dementia.

Did you know that studies have shown that hearing loss
can increase the risk of dementia in later life?
Research suggests that people with mild symptoms of
hearing loss may be twice as likely to develop dementia as
those with healthy hearing. People with severe hearing
loss maybe five times more likely to develop dementia.
This research has shown that hearing difficulties may
reduce quality of life through social isolation,
feelings of loneliness and depression, and a loss of
independence. These factors in turn may increase the
risk of developing dementia. Alternatively, hearing loss
may place an additional load on the mental resources
of a vulnerable brain as the person who has difficulty
hearing works harder to decode and process sounds.
This additional load may mean that there are fewer
resources for memory, understanding speech, and
other cognitive functions, and this may lead to changes
in the brain.
To keep on top of your hearing health we recommend visiting us for an annual hearing check if you are over the age of 45. To make an appointment call our friendly admin team on 08 9751 1899 or enquire online via the appointments tab.
*It is important to remember, however, that hearing
loss is only a risk factor, and having any form of
hearing loss does not mean that a person will
develop dementia.
– This information is received from Dementia Australia