Early intervention

Early intervention with speech and hearing problems in children is important in ensuring children have adequate opportunities to hear for development of speech and language, literacy and auditory processing, and for developing their confidence with their own language ability.

Many children undergo middle ear pathology at some stage in their early years, this is a normal part of childhood development however when resulting hearing loss is sustained over many months or even years, there will be an impact on your child’s listening skills and language.

Eimear’s dual university qualifications in speech pathology and audiology ensure your child is being seen by an expert in communication sciences.

We provide hearing assessments for children of all ages, to assist general practitioners and ear specialists in managing your child’s ear health. We also provide speech pathology assessments and specialist auditory processing disorder assessments, which are indicative in determining the best way for your child to learn new information in the classroom. Not only do we assess for speech, language, hearing and auditory processing we also provide rehabilitation and therapy sessions for your child’s difficulty.

Medicare referrals are welcomed and private health insurance rebates apply for both speech pathology and audiological services.