Pat relaxes with hearing aids

by Eimear O’Brien. Posted in My Story

I started wearing a hearing aid in the year 2000; I was just wearing one aid.  In 2008, I got a pair of Hearing aids so it has now been 17 years since I started wearing them.

The cause of my hearing loss was Otosclerosis which as far as I know is the cementing of the bones so the sound is not sent on as it should be. I also have a family history of hearing loss. My father had hearing loss. I have worked in many noisy places and I consider that I would also have some sort of industrial deafness.  My first husband and I had an engineering business so there was a lot of banging of steel going on and I have worked in factories with excessive noise. So the Otosclerosis, family history and noise exposure have all contributed to my hearing loss.

I have never had any issue with having to wear hearing aids at a young age because the advantage of being able to hear better far outweighed anything else, like being a fashion statement.

There have been many advances in Hearing Aid technology. With my new recently fitted Hearing Aids I am hearing very well. I heard a mosquito buzzing and I haven’t that for many years. Apart from a recent unrelated ear infection, my hearing is brilliant.  I have noticed an improvement in my hearing especially at a recent 60th Birthday Party Reunion. I hardly had any issues whatsoever. There were about 40 people there and I enjoyed being able to hear.

My husband and I own the Busselton Central Bakery so there is a lot of background noise to cope with.  I can hear customers over the counter easier even with the fans and ovens on.  I have book club tonight as well which is going to be another test. I think book club will be great since I was able to hear at a party with 40 people.

You can relax when you can hear as you don’t have to concentrate so hard. The hearing aids definitely take the effort out of hearing. When you are listening to someone, you are not concentrating so hard to make sure you hear.

I would suggest anyone who is having issues with their hearing to get some hearing help. It makes such a difference. I cannot believe the difference it has made for me.