Just as early intervention is important to children with hearing impairment so too is the case with adults with hearing impairment.

Adults who endure years of hearing impairment may lose important skills in listening. It is important to treat hearing loss in adults early on because ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’. Listening and hearing is such an important part of life enjoyment and fulfilment. Being able to hear is important for safety and for being connected with your environment, it is also essential in performing to your full ability in your workplace and within your community and most importantly it is essential in building and maintain interpersonal relationships with friends and loved ones.

The audiologists at Advanced Hearing guide you through acclimatising to hearing instruments at your own pace. There is no pressure to commit to hearing aids and when you are ready we help you select a solution that both meets your hearing needs and your budget. We provide ongoing follow up services for one year after your fitting to ensure you are maximsing the benefit of your devices in the long term.

Our hearing devices are both state of the art, and discrete. We have invisible completely in the canal digital hearing aids, as well as the new slim wire receiver with tiny behind the ear hearing aids. All of our hearing aids have wireless connectivity which modernise hearing aid use by connecting you to your mobile phone, television and other portable devices.

Medicare rebates and private health insurance rebates apply to hearing testing and for hearing aids.