Ear Candling

by Eimear O’Brien. Posted in News

Ear Candling Blocked ears caused by ear wax are surprisingly common, and “ear candling” claims to offer a quick and painless remedy?

People swear it can get rid of many problems, from wax buildup to tinnitus. It seems almost too good to be true, they say.

Does ear candling work and is it safe?

The short answer to both these questions is no!

In fact, the United States and Canada, have banned the import and sale of ear candles for health purposes.  Burns to the ear and hair, candle wax stuck in the ear and holes in the eardrum are among some of the injuries that have been reported from the use of ear candles.

The claim is that by lighting the hollow candle, a negative pressure forms at the other end of the candle (which is placed in the ear), creating a vacuum which removes draws out the wax.  Unfortunately, the scientific reality is that a no vacuum is formed, and the “evidence” of wax which appears on the bottom of the candle is generally just the melted candle wax. If anything the burning of an ear candle actually dries out the ear wax, making it harder to remove later.

So what is the best way to deal with ear wax?

The best form of wax removal is with a trained professional removing it with suctioning. The suction method of wax removal does NOT introduce water to the ear canal, therefore it is the safest method. Water can sometimes irritate the ear canals, or cause an ear infection. Ear surgeons use suctioning to remove ear wax, and we are excited to inform you that advanced Hearing WA also has the suction equipment for safe removal and our audiologists are trained in wax removal. We do have some important information about ear suctioning for each patient before they book in for it, and some ear preparation instructions for you to follow before your appointment.  The cost of the ear wax suctioning is $90 for a private patient and $60 for a pensioner.  Contact us today to book an appointment.