Doris delights in hearing again

by Eimear O’Brien. Posted in My Story

I first noticed I had hearing loss in my early 60s in my left ear. I saw an Audiologist at the time that used to come to Dunsborough and he gave me a Hearing aid for my left ear and he said “eventually you are going to need two aids”, which of course did happen.

About six years ago I had a stroke in my left ear and I lost my hearing even more. I was fitted with a Bi-Cros Aid which I thought was good at the time because it really helped me hear from the side that was totally deaf. Its so clever, it picked up talking from one ear and sent it over to the other side wirelessly so that I could essentially hear from both sides.

Unfortunately those devices eventually died. When it came time to get new ones the original audiologist that used to come down here had stopped visiting and I would have to go to Mandurah. When my BiCros died and they said it couldn’t be repaired I was without aids all together, it was very hard. I had to talk to the company over the phone which was difficult without my aid, and to get a loaner I would have to travel a long way to pick it up, and then again when I got the new aids more travel to get them.

It was at that time that I thought I would like to use a local company. I like to use local businesses where possible. It is so much easier for me. I then found out about Advanced Hearing WA, and I am so thankful I did. Prior to receiving my new aids which I ordered with Advanced Hearing,  Advanced Hearing gave me a loaner hearing aid to use. This was wonderful.  When I needed to get in to see Kathy in the first instance, I only had to wait 4 days. It was very quick. Another company I phoned told me I would have to wait 6 weeks. That is no good if you can’t hear.  I have severe to profound hearing loss so I simply cannot be without my hearing aids.

I can now hear when someone is behind me but before I could not do this. The first day when I got these new hearing aids I was at one door and my husband was in the kitchen behind me and he said something to me and I could actually hear him.  They are so sharp I can hear people talking miles away. They are very good and I can hear tiny little sounds that I couldn’t hear before. I am very happy with my aids and they are easy to use and they are very light and they look better. My friends from Mah-jong have remarked that I am hearing better.

I was very happy to change over to Advanced Hearing and I think that they are very good. I like the “all girl” factor.  They are very efficient, very kind and caring know what they are doing, are quick and the hearing aid that was suggested was just perfect. I sometimes don’t realise I even have my hearing aids on, except for when I step into the shower.