Audiologists help June with hearing aids, implants and everything else to do with hearing

by Eimear O’Brien. Posted in My Story

“I started having trouble with my hearing when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I had a burst eardrum and from then my hearing never seemed to get any better.

Then one day and I saw Eimear’s sign. I had not made an appointment but I quickly ducked in, and she was there. I spoke to her about what she could do for me, and that was about six years ago now. I had hearing loss for a really long time before I made the step to get hearing aids. I wasn’t able to get them at first because I had quite a bit of surgery to go through on both ears and until that had healed I couldn’t even consider them. Both the surgery and the awaiting healing delayed me getting them. It was very difficult hearing people and communicating normally without any help.

Hearing aids have definitely improved my quality of life. Before I saw Eimear I was quite ready to start adopting a lifestyle as a person who didn’t go out very much and didn’t participate in things. I was really amazed at how much it had improved my quality of life. When I go out now I find I can hear people much better.

I recently had a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (which is where there is a screw in the skull and sound travels through vibration to the inner ear) which has worked well for me. It is implanted behind my ear and keeps my ear canal dry and accessible. It doesn’t give me better hearing than my hearing aids but does prevent me from having to wear aids all the time which can cause me to get infections.

In the five years, I have been dealing with Advanced Hearing I have found the service to be fabulous. They have persisted with me when I was about to throw the hearing aids out the window. We had to keep fine-tuning the hearing aids to where I found it quite usable. Now I can use either my hearing aid or the bone anchored hearing aid.

Kathy has been amazing and it has been great to have someone locally. Both Eimear and Kathy are highly skilled audiologists that not only tackle hearing loss with hearing aids, but have the knowledge in implants and other alternatives. Advanced Hearing is very welcoming and personalised. The girls are always ready to help me when they can and nothing seems like too much trouble for them.”

June Cunningam