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Services for Adults

Advanced Hearing WA offers professional diagnostic services with a caring approach to treating hearing loss difficulties.

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Services for Children

Dual speech pathology and audiology training provides thorough assessment and holistic treatment of speech and hearing problems.

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Hearing products

We offer the latest digital headphones, TV transmitters, custom made ear plugs, hearing protection and other ear related products.

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News from Adanced Hearing WA


How Hearing Loss Affects Your Relationships

It is well publicised that hearing loss can increase the risk of depression, memory loss and dementia. What few of us consider is the impact that hearing loss can have on our significant others. Consider …read more »


Mark shares his experience with hearing aids, implants and everything else to do with hearing

About ten years ago, I started to notice a change in my hearing. I didn’t do anything about it until two years ago. I did have a test about five years ago and there was a hearing loss, but …read more »


Ear Candling

Blocked ears caused by ear wax are surprisingly common, and “ear candling” claims to offer a quick and painless remedy? People swear it can get rid of many problems, from wax buildup to tinnitus. It …read more »


Audiologists help June with hearing aids, implants and everything else to do with hearing

“I started having trouble with my hearing when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I had a burst eardrum and from then my hearing never seemed to get any better. Then one day …read more »

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