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Advanced Hearing WA offers professional diagnostic services with a caring approach to treating hearing loss difficulties. Learn more

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Dual speech pathology and audiology training provides thorough assessment and holistic treatment of speech and hearing problems. Learn more

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recreational noise hearing loss

Hearing Loss is the 4th Highest Cause of Disability Globally

Earlier this year in March on World Hearing Day, the World Hearing Organisation addressed the rising prevalence of hearing loss and raised awareness on how preventative measures could curb the rise. With June being Alzeheimer’s …read more »

Ear plugs surfers hearing loss prevention

Microsuction Vs Irrigation – What’s Best for Wax Removal

As one of the most powerful yet delicate organs on our body, we should be taking much better care of our ears. Our ear is a miraculous organ combining hydraulic and electro chemical energy systems …read more »

Andrew Spencer Wright Advanced Hearing WA Testimonial

Local Green Thumb ‘Andrew’ Recommends Early Intervention

I first noticed that I had problems with my hearing about ten years ago. It wasn’t until I started getting pressure from my family that I decided that it was time to come here for …read more »


Pros & Cons of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Several leading hearing aid manufacturers now offer hearing aids that are equipped with Bluetooth technology.  This technology allows you to stream sounds wirelessly from your phone, computer or television directly into your hearing aids.  Many …read more »

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