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Services for Adults

Advanced Hearing WA offers professional diagnostic services with a caring approach to treating hearing loss difficulties.

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Services for Children

Dual speech pathology and audiology training provides thorough assessment and holistic treatment of speech and hearing problems.

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Hearing products

We offer the latest digital headphones, TV transmitters, custom made ear plugs, hearing protection and other ear related products.

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News from Adanced Hearing WA


Pros & Cons of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Several leading hearing aid manufacturers now offer hearing aids that are equipped with Bluetooth technology.  This technology allows you to stream sounds wirelessly from your phone, computer or television directly into your hearing aids.  Many …read more »

Carol shares “you don’t know what you have missed”

I first started wearing Hearing aids when I was living in Tasmania approximately 10 years ago. I went and had my hearing tested and as you found I had a lack of hearing, predominantly there …read more »


Mario says “They are the right people in town when it comes to dealing with hearing loss.”

I first got my hearing loss from driving tractors and then from truck driving. Back in those days, we didn’t use ear muffs and we just drove and drove and drove for days and hours …read more »

Irene says “don’t wait, don’t put it off like I did”

I decided just over a year ago that it was time to get hearing aids because I couldn’t hear the television plus I couldn’t hear my husband, my children or my grandchildren. I think I …read more »

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